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  Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy


Seeking an EMDR Therapist?

Seeking an EMDR Therapist?


Dealing with Anxiety

Dealing with Anxiety

Stress Clinic

Stress Clinic


Supervision of CBT & EMDR

Supervision of CBT & EMDR


Pain Management

Pain Management




  Personal Injury Service

Personal Injury Service


Individual / Team Coaching

Individual / Team Coaching



















































Therapy Counselling West Midlands



Some of Our Recent Customers Include; SCVO Sandwell .. .. Valdium UK London .. .. The Injury Care Clinics Ltd Portsmouth .. .. MCCBT are working towards being an Equal Opportunities Organisation

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EDA Associates are experienced Counsellors and Psychotherapists who provide a range of therapies for Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Low Self Esteem and all Trauma based issues. Our Therapists are qualified in CBT, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) and Integrative Counselling. We have BABCP (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies) Accredited and UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) registered practitioners. In addition we provide Integrative Counselling and work with Adults, Children and Adolescents. We offer Couples and Relationship Counselling, Trauma Focused CBT and In Vivo Exposure CBT.


We accept referrals from individuals as well as organisations including solicitors, insurance referrals and GPs as well as BUPA.




Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Seeking a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist?


What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?

CBT is an established form of counselling / psychotherapy which aims to help the client to identify unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour, and discover new more helpful ways of thinking and behaving.

CBT is a well researched area of therapy and has been evaluated by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) as an effective form of treatment for specific problem areas experienced by clients.


Arranging an Assessment Session

An Assessment session is usually held as a first step to explore whether this approach may be helpful to you and how you feel about working with the Therapist.
Subsequent sessions of CBT (usually one hour) will be dependent upon the nature of your difficulties as to the number of sessions you will require. It is likely that undertaking some work in between your sessions to help you achieve your aims will be recommended and this can be discussed with your therapist during your assessment.


Meeting with a CBT Therapist

It is important that you feel safe and secure with your therapist. Most therapists working here are Associate Therapists of the centre who have undertaken training in specific CBT skills and techniques. Many of the Associate Therapists are Accredited with  either BABCP (see www.babcp.com) or BACP (see www.bacp.co.uk) and adhere to clear professional and ethical standards of practice. Many of the Associate Therapists also have a professional background in a range of health and social care professions including Psychology, Nursing and Social Work.  Please do enquire of your therapist their professional training and background as they will be happy to answer any questions you may have either before your Assessment session or during any agreed treatment sessions.


Costs of CBT

Costs vary - please contact us to discuss your needs.


Make an appointment

To see a therapist please phone 0121 427 7292 or email info@cbt-birmingham.co.uk


Venue: Currently CBT, Integrative Therapy and EMDR are provided at: 97 Wood Lane, Harborne, Birmingham, West Midlands. B17 9AY


Directions: Please click here to download directions.


GP Referrals: GPs may refer a patient for CBT - Please contact us to discuss further your needs and payment arrangements.


Insurance Referrals: We work with a number of Insurers and similar organisations to provide CBT for their customers. Please contact us to explore further how we may work together.

EDA has particular expertise in delivering CBT for clients experiencing:

Workplace Stress Sickness Absence Road Traffic Accident Critical Incident at work Trauma


Employer Referrals: Concerned about an employee? Want to offer some further support? We have many years experience of supporting employees to return to work.


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